Universal EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 9 Stackable, Chainable Chargepack 9400mAh

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The Jumpr Stack 9 is your three patty power burger, offering more charge than you can eat in one sitting. With both Lightning and Micro USB cables tethered and enough power to charge up to six smartphones or one iPad Air, you can stay charged for long trips away from an outlet. The Jumpr Stack 9 does it all. Its slim design makes it easy to port about and it has the power to charge smartphones & full size tablets. The Jumpr 9 also supports Enerplex’s unique stacking feature, allowing it to stack with other Jumpr power banks to charge or discharge together, from one input/output port. The Enerplex Jumpr series of power banks use cutting edge, modern technology. The maximum output from the Micro USB port is 1.5A, great for charging the big batteries found in phablets & smartphones, while the maximum charge rate from the Lightning or USB connector is 2.4A, enough to charge even the latest iPads and all the Apple phones quickly. In addition, Jumpr power banks can accept a charge at a rate of up to 2A (if you have a 2A charger, such as the Enerplex Travel Adapter ).
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