Samsung OEM Blue/Black Level On Ear Bluetooth Headphones

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Samsung Level On headphones offer both wired and wireless and are the perfect solution for consumers who want outstanding audio quality with a sleek, comfortable design. Stylish Design Samsung Level On Wireless headphones incorporate not only exceptional quality sound, but also stylish design. The headphones’ circular earpad design is inspired by the alluring shape of pebbles, adding to their sophisticated feel. Level On Wireless headphones provide rich and balanced sound thanks to their high-performance speaker units. Exceptional Quality Sound Equipped with advanced dual-layered diaphragm speaker units, Level On Wireless headphones not only deliver exceptional-quality sound, but also feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) functionality. Four built-in microphones, two on each earpiece, help allow for an accurate mapping of the sounds around you. Easy Touch Controls Get the most out of your Level On Wireless headphones with a touch control pad that offers a variety of functions: activate S-Voice (with compatible device#), adjust volume settings, play, pause or skip tracks ― without the need to touch the controls on your compatible paired device. Share Your Sounds Level On Wireless headphones let you listen to music together with another Level On Wireless user. Share your favourite tunes with a friend using this clever function. Added Functionality with the Samsung Level App Use Level On Wireless headphones in conjunction with Samsung’s audio application for a customized listening experience. Use SoundAlive’s graphic equalizer, a volume monitor to help prevent damage to your hearing. Get message notifications, schedule alarms, and do much more with this powerful app.
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