Nite Ize Steelie HobKnob Kit for Tablets

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With its ingenious magnetic design, the Steelie HobKnob Kit is a fun, innovative way to create both a handle and mini stand for your tablet, e-reader, or other device. Simply peel and attach the Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket to the center of the back of your tablet or its rigid case. The Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket Component is a strong, machined aluminum base containing a powerful, circular magnet ringed and centered with flexible silicon and backed with 3M®'s VHB™ foam adhesive tape. The Steelie HobKnob Handle Component consists of a specially engineered aluminum knob topped with a grippy rubber ball that fits securely around the Tablet Socket, which attaches to it magnetically. It makes a perfect handle so you can easily share your device, show videos and give presentations without obscuring the screen or fumbling in the process. HobKnob also doubles as a stand when it’s propped onto any flat surfaces, perfect for viewing in landscape or portrait format, for typing, reading or video chatting.
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