Floome Red High-End Smartphone Breathalyzer

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Floome is a smartphone breathalyzer that can be plugged into your phone via a standard audio jack, with no batteries required, featuring the same breathalyze sensor used by law enforcement officers. How does Floome work? Once you’ve downloaded the app, select your weight, gender, height and age. Simply connect Floome to your smartphone audio jack, open the mouthpiece, and blow. It will then measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and send the results directly to your smartphone. Floome App Thanks to Floome’s dedicated app, it provides additional information and suggestions about what to do in case your BAC is over the legal limit. If your app test result displays a red screen, this means your alcohol level is over the legal limit applicable in the country or state you are in. Wait for the duration of the suggested recovery time provided by the application and then repeat the test. If you cannot get behind the wheel, Floome’s app will help you find a taxi, speed-dial your friends and suggest nearby restaurants. Compatibility: Android 4.2.2 and up, iOS 7 and up and Windows 8.1 and up.
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